Summer Pool Safety and Maintenance

For those of you who have pools in your backyard, you know how much fun those backyard parties and barbeques can be. Pools are fun for people of all ages, but safety and maintenance are crucial. Here are just a few safety tips to keep in mind, as well as some maintenance reminders to help you enjoy a safe and wonderful summer by the poolside:

  • Store all chemicals out of children’s reach. Maintain proper disinfectant and pH levels at all times and use all chemicals only as directed
  •  Consider running your pump longer during high-use times or when the weather is especially humid or rainy
  • Surround the entire pool with a fence or barrier that is at least 4 feet high, has a self-closing and self-latching gate and is designed so that a child cannot climb over, under, around or through it.
  • Remove any steps or ladders that you may have to aboveground pools when the pool is not in use
  • Always keep an eye out on all children - enforce rules or time limits and make sure those who are weak swimmers wear approved life jackets at all times; do not rely on water wings or inflatable toys
  • Know how to respond to water emergencies - consider taking First Aid, lifeguard or CPR training

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