How Shelves Can Help Declutter, Organize, and Beautify Your Home

Shelves are the ultimate multi-tasker. They can help save you space, minimize clutter, and make a room more functional. Best of all, shelves and bookcases can add subtle style and personality to your home, making it more appealing and enjoyable to your family, and for visitors. Here are a few tips for getting your shelves working for you:

Make More Space
Shelves are space savers and decluttering  devices. Floating shelves are a perfect fit for your entryway where they can organize things that tend to clutter up your hallway such as keys, mail and dog leashes. To keep your countertop clear, build a single shelf over your kitchen sink and store your dish soap, gloves and scrubbers. Shelves at the bottom of closets can be used to store shoes and off-season items.

Divide and Conquer
If you're looking to provide a little separation in a larger space, consider using bookcases. Forget about a big reno; a tall bookcase can divide a large living room and create an office space away from the TV or other distractions. Tall or short, bookcases give you enough separation to let you focus on your work, the computer, or a good book.

Just Display It!
Shelves and bookcases aren't just for books anymore. They are the perfect place to display sculptures, collectibles and keepsakes.   Personalize these pieces with pictures, artwork, or family heirlooms.

Think Outside the Bookcase
Bookcases boring? Standard shelves uninspiring? Time to get  creative. Instead of shelves, try mounting reclaimed wood, vintage drawers, or even old open suitcases to the wall. Stack books on an   L-Shaped wall brace to give the illusion of an invisible shelf. For a country kitchen, repurpose a wooden ladder and use the rungs for hanging dishtowels, recipes and magazines.

Up The Style Bracket
Extend the life of your shelves with style and flair. Cover your books with plaid paper or patterned cloth for visual appeal. Alternatively, turn books around so pages face out, giving you a creamy-textured backdrop against which you can create displays or artwork. To add intrigue, paint your shelves the same   colour of your wall for that "floating" look. And for a refreshing alternative to traditional bookcases, choose a modern, industrial-style shelving unit with  beveled glass, steel brackets, and sleek angles.

Whatever shelving units suit you, an interesting mix of sizes, styles and textures gives you lots of storage while still maintaining a clean and uncluttered look.

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