First Impressions Count...For Buyers and Your Neighbours

The summer months are the perfect time to freshen up the exterior of your home. Whether it's for your pleasure or to impress potential buyers, you'll boost your home's curb appeal with these good old-fashioned cleaning tips:

- Edge the gardens, clean out debris
- Pull the weeds and rake the leaves
- Prune the plants and wooly shrubs
- Sweep the step
- Fix the saggy gutters
- Hide the garbage cans
- Dispose or rusty broken garden décor
- Tidy the garage and organize boxes and shelves
- Plant some urns by the entrance and flowers to the beds
- Put out a fresh welcome mat and oil the front door
- Paint the windowsills, mailbox, and anything else that is looking tired
- Place clear light bulbs in exterior fixtures - replace any that are burned out
- Reseal the driveway

Who says cleaning has to hurt? Get the kids involved! Borrow or buy a power washer and have fun cleaning siding, windows, sills, railings, decking and patio furniture.

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