Stress-Free Guide to Home Ownership

If handled correctly, owning a home can be a relatively seamless process that’s minimally stressful and mostly enjoyable. However, there are steps that you, as a potential homeowner, need to take to ensure that you minimize your stress and increase the likelihood of finding yourself the right home.

Stress Reliever #1: Find an Agent

The very second purchasing a home enters your mind, your next thought should be to find a real estate agent. Not a friend or cousin that just got their licence and needs the commission; find a proven agent whose sold homes in the general location you are considering. Not only will an agent provide valuable information and walk you through all the confusing paperwork, but they’ll save you valuable time and money by guiding you through the preparatory steps associated with owning a home. Each home purchase is different, so whether it’s your first time buying a home or not, an agent knows the ins and outs of each specific situation and essential details of the market of which you may not be aware.

Stress Reliever #2: Be Happy with What You Can Afford

We all want more—it’s behaviour that’s ingrained in us from birth. But you have to accept that there are limits to how far your dollars can stretch and that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Working with a great agent will still allow you to open up doors within your price range that match your expectations and paying a mortgage within your means is a huge stress reliever for all the years that home is yours. So smile when your lender tells you how large a home you qualify to own and let your agent work their magic.

Stress Reliever #3: Find that Dream Home

Once you’ve chosen the right agent and figured out precisely what you can afford, it’s time to find that dream home. A dream home is really any home that just feels absolutely right once you set foot in the door. And since you’ve already gone through the preparatory steps, you know that any home your agent shows can be yours, plus nothing deflates stress more than coming home to a place you love.