Reasons to Sell Now

Many homeowners may be sitting on the fence, trying to decide whether or not now is the right time to put their house up for sale. Where are home prices in Mississauga and West Brampton headed? How long will interest rates stay low? Are you one of these homeowners who can’t make the decision? Here are five reasons why you should consider selling your home now:

1. Interest Rates Are Low:

Low interest rates are great for first-time home buyers; in fact, half of all Canadian home sales are attributed to first-time buyers. And with interest rates expected to stay low until at least the middle of 2015, more and more prospective home buyers are expected to jump onto the property ladder.

2. Housing Prices Remain Strong:

Housing prices in the Greater Toronto Area, and more specifically, Mississauga and West Brampton, are increasing monthly. Toronto is on track for another record year for real estate prices and the momentum is expected to continue.

3. Demand’s Outstripping Supply:

One of the reasons why houses in Mississauga and West Brampton are selling so well is that demand is outstripping supply. Not only are Mississauga and West Brampton close to downtown Toronto, but they are also highly sought after because of their amazing amenities: including schools, restaurants, shopping, access to cultural and sporting events, outdoor recreation, parkland, wetlands, and wildlife.

4. Perfect Time to Downsize:

If you’re thinking of downsizing…now is the time. For starters, sellers are getting top dollar for their homes Mississauga and West Brampton. A smaller, mortgage-free home is a great for retirement. Downsizing can also help decrease expenses, free up time, and give you the extra money to do whatever you want.

5. Upgrading:

Thanks to the strong resale market in Mississauga and West Brampton and continued low interest rates, homeowners ready to sell can upgrade to a desirable home in another neighbourhood.